CFCx Partner Summit

Chelsea Football Club




The brief was to create and deliver an experience that encouraged networking and collaboration between the global partners at the inaugural Partner Summit of Chelsea Football Club.

Dividing Centenary Hall into two spaces, one focussed on presentations in a ‘Dragons Den’ style setting, with comfortable armchairs for a more relaxed approach to a conference experience and a bespoke made wood panel stage set to give a ‘members club’ flavour to the event.

The break out space was designed to reflect London’s most exclusive private members clubs, with sumptuous seating, bookshelves, low level lighting, memorabilia and framed pictures. Along with a VR experience, model of the new stadium and a bespoke crafted CFCx logo installation, we transformed Centenary Hall into a relaxing, welcoming and inspiring environment.

The event was a great success with excellent feedback from both client and guests.



Bespoke designed stage set

'Dragons Den' style seating conference space

Private members club style break out space

Bespoke logo Installation

Furniture and props


Installation and de-rig

Stage design, fabrication and build

Logo design, fabrication and build

AV and lighting


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